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“Your Super Life (YSL) was created to enhance people’s lives. Your Super Life assists by consolidating your numerous super accounts and in so doing allows you to put in place a plan “B” using insurances to guarantee an outcome for your family in cases of unexpected events. The cost of the insurances comes from the superannuation accruals and therefore has no impact on the monthly budget or daily cash flow of a family facing difficult times.”

Good decision
Good decision

Key points

* Your Super Life team provide personalised services to assist you consolidate your superannuation and assist you gain insurances to secure you and your family in the event of unforeseen challenges.

* The amounts are dependent on the individual’s situation and needs

* Consolidation of super funds is much more cost effective and simpler to manage. The team at Your Super Life will assist find, contact and consolidate your various superannuation policies into one professionally managed fund. They will also assist you select the correct spread of investments to meet your personal financial goals.

* Your Super Life Team will after consultation advise you on appropriate insurances cover to preserve and protect your family. Insurances offered depending upon circumstances may include life, total and permanent disability and Income covers. Whatever the cover gained they will be paid by the super fund thereby providing security for you and your family in case of unforeseen events without  imposing upon the family’s cash flow.

* The super fund is often linked to the life covers and pays for the covers instead of the premiums coming from a bank account or card. This arrangement takes the stress off the household budget.

* The insurances are underwritten before the policy is issued and therefore grantees a claim. This is an important difference to the group or industry covers that underwrite at time of claim. Such claims could exclude you from a claim on medical grounds even though they have paid the premiums for some time. Your Super Life’s actions seek to protect you and your family from day one by leaving nothing to chance.

* If due to health or work arrangements, you were unable to gain standard insurance cover the Your Super Life team will try to place the cover under an Accident only (no medical underwriting) policy so as to provide you with the best possible security for your family.

* Should the unforeseen happens and you are in good experienced professional hands with Your Super Life as their professional team will be there to assist you with the necessary advice, medical forms and insurance paperwork to expedited your claim.

* WE can assist with establishing and maintaining your own Self Managed Super Fund. (SMSF).   A SMSF allows you to take control of your superannuation by allowing you to direct your superannuation investment initiatives.  At the time of writing over a million Australians have switched from Retail and Industry Funds to their own Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

* Your Privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed

* After hours’ appointments are available to assist you gain the right advice without sacrificing work hours.

Think "Your Super Life"
Think “Your Super Life”

Your Super Life Pty Ltd is licensed as an Australian Financial Services Licensee pursuant to Section 913B of the Corporations Act 2001.

Contact the Your Super Life today for a FREE consultation to explore how you can maximise your future benefits.   Contact details; email: admin@yoursuperlife.com.auMailing address: P.O. Box 649, Toowoomba, Qld 4350 Phone:  0418 794 444

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