Forced by circumstances to have to make difficult decisions.

There are moments when we as a nation, a community and as individuals we find our backs against the wall, when we are forced by circumstances to have to make difficult and at times unpalatable decisions.

When such an event occurs it is comforting to know that you will be backed by, Your Super Life (YSL), a professional team that cares for you and your family’s financial future.

Your Super Life (YSL) was created to enrich people’s lives. Your Super Life assists by consolidating your numerous super accounts and in so doing allows you to put in place a plan “B” by using insurances to guarantee an outcome for your family in cases of unexpected events. The cost of the insurances comes from the superannuation earnings and therefore has no impact on the monthly budget or daily cash flow of a family facing difficult times.

Such arrangements are not usually subject to liquidation in times of financial challenge as they provide the best possible place to secure assets and to use such assets to protect that which matters most … your family. Please note that as general rule insurance policies must be entered into prior to arranging a management agreement or part 9 bankruptcy arrangement.

Recent investment failures in the forestry industry and the escalating number of small business closures  have all heightened our awareness of the need for individuals caught or who could be caught by such events, to look to secure their superannuation and to provide a plan “B” in the event of an economic, relationship or health challenges. Contact the Your Super Life team today and arrange a FREE consultation to make sure you and your family are covered in good and bad times.


“After my business suffered a significant blow due to a major investment failure the team at Your Super Life provided great advice and assistance in securing my superannuation and provided me with the comfort of protecting my family with an insurance policy serviced via my super fund so as not to add to my cash flow challenges. Things may be tight but with the preservation of my consolidated future and insurances my family and I are much more secure than I thought we would be … thank you Steve and the Your Super Life team.” Greg, St Helens, North East Tasmania

Steve Ackerman Director Your Super Life
Steve Ackerman
Your Super Life

Contact the Your Super Life today for a FREE consultation to explore how you can maximise your future benefits.   Contact details; email: address: P.O. Box 649, Toowoomba, Qld 4350 Phone:  0418 794 444

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