Thinking about the future?

Thinking about the future? What will happen when it is time to retire? Will you be able to afford the lifestyle that you want and desire? What happens if you face heath challenges to you and your family? How secure are you?

Is it time to get matters in order so that you can look toward comfortably retiring?

You have put in the time, made the commitment and now need to make certain that which you have hoped and planned for can come to fruition. In short, it is time to plan for an “easy” retirement. To do this you must address your one asset, designed to aid you through your retirement… superannuation and to put in place provisions to protect you and your family in case of health challenges… insurance.

We would all like to think that we have time but unfortunately that is not the case. With increased life expectations the need for extended retirement funding arrangements has also increased. However, your time in the workforce remains relatively limited. The longer you wait the less time you will have to work, as such you need to work that which your superannuation harder to better provide for your future.

Depending upon your investment strategies and time left before retirements you can make minor changes that will have major benefits. Take time to consider the Rule of 72 and how with appropriate strategies you can maximise your returns. Never heard of the Rule of 72? Take a few minutes to watch Superannuation the Rule of 72,  and see how simple it is to make a major difference to your future.

Now you have an understanding of what is possible you can plan for the future … but what if the unthinkable happens and you are not able to complete the plan? This is where suitable insurance cover comes in. It provides a means to sustain you while you get on your feet, or in the case of a calamity provide some security for those left behind.

Your Super Life provides professional services to assist you consolidate, redirect your superannuation investments, and to provide insurance security for you and your family in cases where, due to temporary or permanent health challenges, you are unable to continue to  provide for your family. Contact us today and arrange a FREE consultation to make sure you and your family are covered in good and bad times.


“Planning for my future retirement and understanding how to maximise superannuation amounts has been made easy by Steve and the team at Your Super Life. The additional comfort of knowing that my family will be secure even in the event of a health challenge has provided me with great peace of mind; my only regret is that I did not meet Steve ten years earlier.” Colin, Townsville, Queensland

Steve Ackerman Director Your Super Life
Steve Ackerman
Your Super Life

Contact the Your Super Life today for a FREE consultation to explore how you can maximise your future benefits.   Contact details; email: address: P.O. Box 649, Toowoomba, Qld 4350 Phone:  0418 794 444

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