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There can be no denying that times are tough, unemployment and underemployment are high but there are real alternatives. Working from home as an “Affiliate” can offer you an additional source of income or even a full time source of income for you and your family.

Your Super Life offers a great rage of Superannuation and Insurance products and we are looking to work with small businesses and motivated individuals wanting to improve their bottom line.

Now we are not looking for you to sell our products, we do not expect you to be experts, after all that is our job.  All we are looking to do is to reward you for qualified leads. That is, people interested in amalgamating their various Superannuation accounts and would like to add an insurance policy. We will deal with the negotiation and the paperwork.  Once successful we will reward you with a $300 commission.  As an additional reward, if you refer more than 3 successful accounts in a calendar month then Your Super Life Pty Ltd will increase your referral fee to $400 for all additional referrals for that month. Just think what that additional income could mean to you and your family…

What better way could there be to assist friends and associates, to build your network and to illustrate your professionalism by being aligned with Your Super Life and it’s nationally recognised services.  All this and you are able to earn significant rewards to help you meet those bills or to afford a few extra niceties to enrich you and our family’s life.

Now with all these benefits you are thinking “how much this is going to cost me?” The answer is … nothing … that is nothing but your desire to and action to seek out and find suitable referrals. Let’s face it we all know someone that needs to clean up accounts and to take action to protect their family. That’s a good start and from there you determine the hours you work, devote as much or as little time you have but remember the more you put in the more you will be rewarded.

You are also probably thinking but if it is not going to cost me anything to get involved then what sort of assistance and support am I going to get? The answer is … as much as we can. You see, you are our eyes and ears so we recognise that we need to be there for you. As such when you sign up you will have access to FREE email, FREE chat support and even FREE one on one coaching services.

Interested? Then seize the opportunity and reserve your position today!

It is in our DNA to want to assist after all … “Your Super Life (YSL) was created to enhance people’s lives. Your Super Life assists by consolidating your numerous super accounts and in so doing allows you to put in place a plan “B” using insurances to guarantee an outcome for your family in cases of unexpected events. The cost of the insurances comes from the superannuation accruals and therefore has no impact on the monthly budget or daily cash flow of a family facing difficult times.”

With minimal effort you can turn your down time into a great source of supplementary income and help others gain the most from their superannuation now and in the future. You do not need to be an expert, that is what we are here for, all you need do is talk to your associates and see if they are interested. If they are then use the dedicated page provided to advise us of their interest and leave the rest to us. Once we have assisted your contact maximise their benefits and protect their family you will receive a referral fee by way of a thank you. It is not rocket science but it is a way for you to make ends meet or to start to enjoy the extras you have been missing out on.

Your opportunity awaits … signup and reserve your position today!

If you’re interested but have questions please fill out the contact form and in the notes area put in your question and one of our staff will happily respond to your question.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working together and assisting you gain the rewards that you and your family so richly deserve.

Wishing you a Super Life

Steve Ackerman Director Your Super Life Pty Ltd
Steve Ackerman Director Your Super Life Pty Ltd

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